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About Tianyi


Tianyi is a recent college graduate from Emory University, studying biology and quantitative sciences.


As a traveler, Tianyi is always stunned by the splendid natural sceneries and landscapes. Tianyi loves the fascinating wildlife that she encounters in nature and considers them as precious gifts that Mother Nature brought us. Landscape and wildlife photography has helped her record footprints and further embrace the beauty of the world. The marvelous animals and ecosystems are determinants for Tianyi to study vertebrate biology, ecology, and conservation, and Tianyi will start pursuing her PhD at University of Texas - Austin this fall.


Tianyi believes that nature and human beings are symbiotic. The genius of human beings lies in their commitment to conservation and coexistence with nature. Therefore, Tianyi tries to capture the moments that express such idea, and also strives to include the parts of humanities in her portfolio, including portraits, architecture, and cityscapes. 


Contact Tianyi to schedule a photoshoot session, purchase prints, or even just say hi to her!


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